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weed banditdrugs
1.Someone who always has to start the bowl, and when smoking with noobs he/she steals extra hits while instructing.2. One

person who takes extra hits when no ones looking or when some think the bowl is ashed but its not: so he/she finishes it.

1.Guys, you have to take your finger off the hole when clearing the bowl. Let me show you. *takes 3 hits Wow: I’m gonna call you the weed bandit from now on.

2.Melissa !! I just saw you take like 4 hits! C’mon guys, I was just seeing if it was done. I am the weed bandit.

weed bandit: define #2
Weed Banditdrugs
(noun). A habitual pot mooch who is conveniently present when one is about to smoke the chronic.
” I can’t believe I put another nug in the mailbox for that weed bandit Neal Bennett”