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Weed Babydrugs
When you buy over an ounce of fine Marijuana and store it in your Hoodie’s front pocket for your trip

home… BOOM. Weed Baby.

I’m going to give birth to this Weed Baby then go to the moon when I get home! 😀
Weed Baby: define #2
weed babydrugs
a child who was concived while parents were high off weed.
You got high, had sex, and created ME! WEED BABY!
Weed Baby: define #3
weed babydrugs
a baby born to a woman who smoked pot during her pregnancy
My little sister is a weed baby. (True Story)
Weed Baby: define #4
Someone who just started smoking weed, but does it all the time
Mike: When did you become such a weedbaby?

Jennifer: Last week! Anna got me hooked.