Webster, MA

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Webster, MA
A small yet, still very hip-hoppin town in Massachusetts. Webster, MA was really defined in the late 1980’s into the

1990’s by its notorious Pit parties..LEO’s and Minebrook RD. more dance parties then Solid GOLD .. Granite Street has now become one of the hottest gettos spots in the summertime but, back in the day it housed some of Webster’s finest residences. Everyone knows the heart of Webster, MA Getto is North Village but, the lack of publicity has taken away from it’s Getto status.. The Local BOWL-O-Drome still stands to this day and some Webster residents say candlepin bowling is making a comeback. More recently Jerry curl has been used by bowlers..Webster, MA is world wide famous for its lake which has the longest name known and any real local can say it and even spell it to boot… The Lake is free to Locals and some loot for everyone else but, on any hot given day this local beach will be getto to the Gettoin wet and down… Please be advised profanity and families with many members and multiple cultures are looked upon as welcomed in this town and all its public venues. We all fish in the middle in Webster, MA And you know this MAN… Webster also more recently has began housing local wrestling where “has been” wrestlers bring it back at the Webster Town Hall..Getting ready to rumble Getto style!!
Webster , MA is as Urban as it gets!!

Pit PARTEE a gathering in Webster, MA involving a bonfire in a remote wooded area with kegs, random make-out sessions LOTS of AC/DC and the occasional fight of sorts)