Best definition
When one has gone a period of time (usually 5+ minutes) without replying or having a reply to a thread

they are interested in.
Symptoms include:
-Shaking hands: particularly mimicking typing without actually touching the keys on the keyboard
-Anxiety attacks: Frantically flipping through tabs or websites in a panic because no one has replied or even read your recently posted thread.
-Lack of focus: Ignoring people that you are talking on the phone whilst browsing, ignoring parents etc etc.
-Drooling: so into reading a recently posted thread (Finally! After five minutes of waiting someone posted!!!) that you drool on your hand, keyboard, mouse etc.
-Prent up energy attacks: Pounding on the keyboard, mouse, desk, nearby surface, scattering papers of items on the desk or throwing objects randomly and with much enthusiasm to express the built up hyper energy that should be spent reading or replying to posts.

Oh man, no one has even read my thread yet. I am going into webdrawl.