web cam sex

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web cam sex
the act of watching a person masturbate while you masturbate and make sex noises or gestures, usually very prominate in

long distance relationships and sad 40 year olds, still living at home, on webcam dating sites

man: did you like that web cam sex last night?

woman: sure if you call that sex at all
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webcam sex
Web cam sex is when a whore and a person watch each other playing with there wussies. Some person is watching an other person (can be woman, both woman, male, pets etc.) while masturbating and moaning like horny animals. This can also be used for webcam sites where you can watch webcam sex free.
person 1: Hey babe want to come watch me live free on FreeBestCams.net? We can have webcam sex!

Person 2: Oh fuck yeah! Show me your tits and insert a lampshade in your anus!