Weak Fish

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Weak Fish
Someone who is weak in the casino industry ..Usually referred to as a “Jimmy”…It is signaled across the pits with

a motion of the hands on top of each other, with thumbs opposite sides.. to resemble a fish!

1.”dude you suck..you are such a Jimmy!”

2..That guy came in 10k without I.D. and you didnt catch it? You are such a “Weak Fish”!!

Weak Fish: define #2
A fish sometimes called a seatrout; found in salt water coastal areas along the Eastern U.S. seaboard. Look sort of like a trout but definately a salt water fish; called weakfish because when hooked and reeling in for a catch, if you tug TOO hard with your fishing line, you can break its’ weak jaw, and therefore loose the fish.
Let’s go fishing for weaks; (often hear near marinas along the Long Island Sound shore)