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we amplify
a song performed by the punk/hardcore band Strike Anywhere from their album Exit English. Probably one of thei most popular

songs next to Allies and Chalkine.
The song is actually part of a song, the other part being a song called Blaze. The ending of We Amplify is the same as the intro to Blaze and the songs have the same chorus and beat.
When playing live, Strike Anywhere ALWAYS leads We Amplify into Blaze. Though since the release of their album Dead FM, they have led We Amplify into Sedition then into Blaze. The song is performed with such energy that the entire crowd leaps with the intro to the song, and the chorus is one that many find fun to sing along with and is very well known.

We amplify! Adrenaline! Another flag’s shadow covers us again! (Chorus of We Amplify)

Which lie is the one, that will take me, and which won’t!(Sedition)

Human pollution! In a people’s world, we are the writing on the walls! (Blaze