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Wc3c is a site where people pretend to mod wc3 in exchange for valuable web hosting privilidges. People like ChoBo,

FyreDawg, and Draco take up so much bandwidth hosting images of themselves, their canadian lust objects, and their POS photoshop workings that the site itself goes down more often than hookers in vegas. The actually site is less populated by people worth talking to than it was in the past, but the IRC channel still has a few gems though. If you ever do find yourself on IRC, just remember to ignore anyone other than…
Kdub, ChoBo, Republicola, Ari, Ululru, Draco, Technitium, SilentAvanger, Ganon
Also, Draco may be the most active administator to the public eye at wc3c, But he sucks at pretty much everything he does. Have a nice day. ^__^

<Maverick2000> you all fear my opinion!

<skizot> die!!!!

<Draco> um yah ok whatever.

<republicola> heh

<kdub> dorks.
wc3campaigns: define #2
A Warcraft modding site with a community whose ego is bigger than even that of the most obnoxious idiots. Their map-submission section is simply there for the administrators or long-term members to showcase their work and enjoy the flattery and praises of fellow members, all the while attempting to overshadow everything else. This statement is supported by facts that defy all contradicting arguments, including that maps that are not made by moderators or long time members rarely ever make it in, while one vice versa would often be approved before testing sessions are even anywhere near. However, succeeding in getting one’s submission into their database often gives oneself something to brag about, considering the astronomical odds stacked against a normal submitter that are largely due to the fact that the very staff seem to have devoted themselves to the utmost task of shooting down anything that is not one of their own.

The community’s attitude towards newcomers is comparable to that of the denizens of a disturbed beehive. However, the worst that they can ever give you besides banment is negative reputation, which does little other than put flashy red squares beneath your username whenever you post. Despite the pitifulness behind the purpose, it can often lead to hilarious scenarios such as reputation holocausts whereof the victims whine and complain for days on end.

Proceed with caution if you plan on joining their so-called “expert” community.

Submitter A: Good morning, folks. This here is my masterpiece. (insert extensive descriptions here) 😀

Map Reviewer A (thinking to self: he is not one of us): Hi there. Forgive me, but let me be frank: your map is utter crap. (insert extensive list of excuses here)

*Dispatches to wc3campaigns’ map graveyard without any further comments from other users.*

Submitter B: Hi, it’s me again (insert familiar name here). Remember me? This here is my masterpiece. 😀 (insert extensive descriptions here)

Administrator: I know that it’s (insert name here) and I trust his work. Approved.

Map Reviewing Bootlick A: Wow.

Map Reviewing Bootlick B: Amazing.

Map Reviewing Bootlick C: (proceeds to blatantly comment on how vastly the map in question supposedly surpasses DOTA if the map happens to be an AOS)

User: Wait a minute, this isn’t all that good. (insert extensive actual review here)

Map Reviewing Bootlick A: Noob. You know nothing. (insert excuses here)

Map Reviewing Bootlick B: Ditto.

Map Reviewer D: Actually, he’s right. (insert analysis here)

*Users start flocking to the map and begin shooting it down.*

Map Reviewing Bootlick A: (in tears) Fine. Graveyarded.

wc3campaigns: define #3
A place of envious pricks who have nothing better to do than flame others on a third party site.
“Man, I just got through visiting wc3campaigns and they have lousy maps!”
wc3campaigns: define #4
1. A shelter for morons, idiots, retards, and otherwise mentally ill peoples.

2. gay and stupid
wc3campaigns: define #5
The word is derived from wanker. It is used in a derogatory sense, as in the example. It means stupid, or dim.
You’re from WC3Campaigns? Shows how much you know – NOTHING!