Best definition
An acronym for War Between the States (also known as the American Civil War.) Often used on message boards when

debating the topic.

For some reason there are people that still debate the outcome of the WBTS.
WBTS: define #2
Will Be There
– There’s a big party tomorrow.

– WBT!
WBTS: define #3
We belong together
Boy: I love you, WBT (L)

Girl: I love you too 🙂
WBTS: define #4
Its an acronym for “Weiner Butt Touch”.

Normally used to describe an awkward situation where a penis touches an ass.

or, Gay sex.

– Dude this guy bumped into me yesterday on the bus and there was some serious WBT goin’ on!!

– SHIT!! For the last time, there will be no WBT in my house!

WBTS: define #5
Is a wanna be thug. Someone who tries too hard to act like a thug when they ain’t one.
Damn dude that guy is such a wbt.