Best definition
Woman’s best friend

Men have dogs, women have spencer. What a WBF
WBF: define #2
abbreviation for West Bubblefuck; the upscale moral equivalent of BFE (Bumfuck Egypt)

My mom lives in whitebread WBF with her new boyfriend. My dad still lives out in BFE. I’m staying with my aunt here in the city.
WBF: define #3
WBF, short for Worst Best Friend. A friend that you like a lot but they always flake or let you down. Phonetic play on WTF, and to be used as such, like an exclamation, when appropriate.
Kristy: “Franke just texted, he can’t come to the party.”

Dan: “WBF! Why does he even pretend like he’s gonna go?”

Kristy: “Seriously, W-B-F.”

Brian: “Hey guys thanks for helping me move — wait where’s Dan, I thought he said he was coming?”

Franke: “I think he’s sick or something.”

Brian: “WBF! He’s been sick for like 10 years, no one’s buying that shit anymore.”

WBF: define #4
White Black Friends — A pair of best friends one of which is black, and the other is white.
black friend: (to white friend) Hey! We’re best buds, right?

white friend: Uhh, yeah.. definitely dude!

black friend: yeah, we’re like WBF’s.

white friend: what is that?

black friend: You know? Like white black friends.

white friend: Eff yeah!!!
WBF: define #5
an acronym, short for Wife Beater Friday. Wife Beater being a blue Bonds brand singlet. Other colours (non-blue) are accepted under extenuating circumstances, but it’s commonly known that a wife beater must be blue. Wife Beater Friday being the day that you must wear your wife beater to work. This is EVERY friday.
Employee 1: “Hey, it’s WBF, where’s your ‘beater?”

Employee 2: “It’s in the wash”

Employee 1: “Wash? you wash it? Poof!”
WBF: define #6
An ass who is anti oral care.
WBF: define #7
want to be friends or wanna be friends
*adds back on snap*

hey, wbf ??

yeah of course !!