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Wazeer Is A Handsome Guy Who All Girls Catch A feeling For and A Sexyy Man WHo dresses Amazingly WIth

Style And Who Plays Soccer A Man With Confidence And A Very Funny Personality And Such A Nice Person Anyone Has Every Met!! Every Man WIsh He Was the One And Only Wazeer IN This World.

Girl:I Want To Mary Twink

Other Girl: Oh Well I Want Wazeer
Wazeer: define #2
Wazeer is a handsome guy, and most girls will definitely catch feelings for him by just looking at him and/ or by just chatting to him. He’s a man who dresses in style, which can impress anyone who sees him. He’s a man with confidence and has a very funny personality which can attract almost any girl! He can be the most perfect person or your worst nightmare. No doubt that everybody wants to be with him.
Girl: Hey who’s that, he looks Soo cool!

Friend: That’s the one and only Wazeer!