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well if you had a bag and you needed to waz you would waz waz means shit so shitbag or


Guy1: your sister called me a wazbag.

Guy2: I object to that.

Guy1: so did I dont even now what a wazbag is.
wazbag: define #2
A slang term for boobs
‘Get your wazbags out for the lads’

‘Dude, check out the size of those wazbags’

wazbag: define #3
Named after the Muslim man that sits at the top of a Minaret and calls Muslims to prayer. Real name is a Meuzzin or something like that. Known to alot of ex-pats who lived in Bahrain and other middle east countries as a Wazbag as that is what their call sounds like…..Waaaaazzzzzbbbbbaaaggggg.
wazbag: define #4
Nickname for a very smart and talented person. Usually athletic and good at most sports especially baseball.
You’re such a wazbag at baseball.