Best definition
Central VT slang for Marijuana developed by a deaf man as his interpretation of the word ‘weed’. Other uses may

include: Uncle Wayno, Chuckie Wayno, Wayne, etc.

“Where’s the phuckin Wayno at?”

“You guys look a little ragged. Been hangin with Uncle Wayno?”

Wayno: define #2
Noun: A friendly, hardworking, heterosexual, domesticated bartending male of the homonid/homer class. Known to seasonally migrate between Central Texas and home spawning grounds in Michigan.
Wilson: Hey man, Truant’s got two felonies and now the Man’s got him pulled over with ten dime bags and a scale.

Bushman: Hey, that’s kewl. Tell the Man the bags belong to Wayno.

Wayno: define #3
Comes from the latin word: Fantasyic Footballus Loseribic
Damn, you lost everything!!! You got Wayno’d!!!
Wayno: define #4
A failure at life who gets rejected to the point where he commits seppuku but then fails because even death rejects him
Hey you hear about wayno. Yeah let’s make seppuku memes about him
Wayno: define #5
A failure of life who gets rejected and commits and fails at seppuku. Because not even death will love him.
Hey did you hear wayno got rejected. We should make memes about it