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Above the water: “It is a place of active learning–of collaborative individual inquiry. It is a place where it

is safe to make mistakes and possible to make a difference. It is a place to preserve childhood and to prepare for adulthood–where rigorous expectations and playful habits of mind are equally important. It is a place where students of all ages find joy in learning, and come to embrace it as a life long pusuit.”
On the level: Waynflete is a an elite, if alternative private highschool in Portland, ME. It is very concerned with fostering free (their) thought and promoting free (depends which side of the aisle) speech. They try so hard to foster diversity and intercultural understanding, but let’s not forget they’re in the whitest state in the nation.
It could in other words be termed a liberal minded hippie school in its politics, though a presigious college preparatory day school in its academics. Many will tell you they are glad to be out, but everyone will tell you college is nothing after having had waynflete to get them started.
this is a time specific entry for the graduating classes of and around ’03 and other generations ought to give their input as well.

Dude: what the hell is a coffee table test anyway????

Bro: yeah, i don’t know, i think it’s a Waynflete thing
Waynflete: define #2
A very fancy amazing school only for the best kids in maine, all of which get into an amazing college and become famous. The bleachers in the gym were donated by a celebrity.
Dude 1: Hey have you seen that school?

Dude 2: Yeah its a total Waynflete.
Waynflete: define #3
A private school located in Portland, Maine. Its your typical elitist, hippie, “artistic” bullshit school. Comprised of rich faggots who are ridiculously hypocritical communists. I doubt any of their parents are real mainahs. Pretty much a “hip” 20ish citizen of Portland is your typical waynfleter. Also a few Somalians go there so Waynflete can look better. Kind of strange considering that Waynflete tries to be good academically.
The Waynfleter was amazed to find out that his peers at public high schools actually had jobs and did not shop at Whole Foods.