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Wayne Statedcollege
When Wayne State University pulls a drastic, last second change affecting a large portion of the student body.

I had my schedule all set up to have Tuesdays off, and then the week before classes start they tell us that this class meets on Tuesdays, despite what is posted when registering. We all just got Wayne Stated.

They changed the syllabus with 2 weeks notice and moved our calculations exam up a whole week to the same day that we have our biochem exam. We all just got Wayne Stated.

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Wayne Stated
Basically this is when you get screwed and its 100% not your fault… its the system.
When you wake up at 6:30, get to wayne at 8 and Kresgee isn’t unlocking its doors. So you freeze for like 5 mins till somebody hears you dying outside. Then you get inside and they are doing construction so now you cant even study. “Man I got wayne stated today”