way of the road

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way of the road
noun: a saying used to aggrandize a weird, uncomfortable, or unusual comment or situation. the saying originated from the show Trailer Park Boys where Ray, a drunk ex-trucker, vindicated his greasy actions by claiming they’re simply an acceptable part of the trucker lifestyle, the “way of the road”.
When Bubbles asked why he was throwing his piss jugs all over the trailer park Ray simply replied, “Way of the road Bubs, way of the road.”

Bubbles: “But Ray, they’re ‘ladies of the evening’.. Can’t it just be the two of us on the road?”

Ray: “They’re friends of the road Bubs, come on- be hospitable. It’s the way of the road.”

Jenny: “Why did you whip it out at the restaurant? We were having such a nice, quiet meal..”

Kevin: “Idk, way of the road?”