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Originating from Wavanova, this virus causes high levels of fail in those it effects. Symptoms include being late or missing

appointments entirely, being prone to depression, being prone to anxiety, missing deadlines, lacking motivation, lacking commitment and a low ability in mathematics- especially calculus. Most leading experts are in agreement that Wavavirus is the source of all failure in this world, if not in the entire universe. Due to this diagnosis of Wavavirus is simple- all people are infected to some degree as all people show some level of failure. It was widely speculated that the sole exception to this was Daniel Gildenlow, however this hypothesis was shown to be false with the release of the Scarsick Album.
Vectors for transmission seem infinite, with telephone, internet, and proximity being included and even mere thought of Wavanova has shown to be sufficient to some degree.
While no cure has been found, some success lies in Calculus as those proficient in it appear to have a resistance to Wavavirus, possibly due to the extreme inability Wavanova himself displays in the field. However, it is uncertain if ability in Calculus actually causes the resistance, or if those with the ability just naturally have a high level of winnery which deflects the virus.

“Wow, I need calculus to go into astrophysics? This sucks!”