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When your ears are filled with water after you swim, and you can’t get it out no matter what you


Zoey: oh man, I just came from the beach.

Dan: Really? How was it?

Zoey: It was fun, but I got seriously waterlogged.
Waterlogged: define #2
in reference to skateboards… when one’s skateboard gets wet, or coated with water, then drying up, allowing the wood to absorb the water, resulting in a weaker, lighter skateboard deck which is harder to pop, harder to flip, and easier to snap; overall a negative effect

– est. 2/2012 OFLO

” man i bought a new skateboard deck last week, and it already got waterlogged “

” damn dude sucks to be you “

Waterlogged: define #3
When you put a dildo in a girls asshole and it shoots water into the anus.
I left that girl totally waterlogged at the party last night
Waterlogged: define #4
The action of receiving sloppy oral sex
” I was getting waterlogged by this girl friday night and I straight nutted on her tits and walked out that door”
Waterlogged: define #5
Being soaked with water or some other liquid. Basically a fancy way to say wet.
After the blizzard, my socks got waterlogged.

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Waterlogged: define #6
Water Logged
Water logged: sex act, submerge meat in water for 4 hours then when you and your mate are ready for intercourse you pull your meat out of water and slap your mate across the face to start the games.
Hey wanna see a water log, mate replies yes you come out of bathroom and sale her unexpectedly with your meat and yell water logged!