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A person (usually an Emo) Who wants to be an Aspie. A person who is an Aspie has a neurological

difference called Aspergers Syndrome, a mild forum of autism that has good and bad attributes such as Depression, anger, emotional issues, Anti-social behavior, rebellious nature, trouble socializing, psychological problems Above average or higher Intelligence, Passions in one subject, eccentric personality and possibly great talents if the talent is productive and can tribute to the world.
Waspies are completely Normal people, higly social, average
Intelligence sometimes lowered because of the constant social non-productive rituals (i.e Shopping, hanging out at the mall, popularity contests) Waspies do not like their normal selves. They want to be different and unique like an Aspie and pretended they suffer their emotional problems. Not realizing just means someone has Aspergers doesn’t mean their rebellious unique individuals. They want to be weird, insane depressed and think being psychologically disturbed will make you look cool. Because it seems that now-a-days Preppy popular young people. Don’t want to be preppy and popular but desire to be social misfits cause it’s more “cool”
Waspie was inspired by the term Wigger

I hate those Waspies being such attention whores. Why the hell would you want to have Aspergers syndrome?, Don’t they realize being unique like an Aspie is a big price to pay-Your social life. It’s like a curse, man you get to be weird like what those Waspies desire but your social ability is impaired.

Those social fools would die right away if you infected them with Aspergers. They wouldn’t like it. They would be like us staying the hell out of where the Waspies hang out. Dude those Waspies totally took over our forum.

Dawm Emo kids.