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A game quite similar to basketball, it is often played in an office with paper and a wastebasket.This is typically

and office game when people are bored. It is best when people get really into it and cheer.There is no dribbling or sides. People just take turns trying to make a basket with their crumpled paper.Usually there is a point system; first to 10 wins or it can be played like pig or horse.

Kevin- “I could kick your butt in wasketball. Let’s play one on one.”

Andy- “Psshh, no you couldn’t, I was captain of the wasketball team at Cornell.”
Wasketball: define #2
Basketball type game played in a pool, where anything under the water is legal (pantsing,pinching,biteing,fondeling,etc.).
Yo we should go back to his house and play some wasketball.