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A cancelling-out or balancing effect. An incident where nothing is gained and nothing is lost, a draw.

I won fifty bucks at blackjack, but lost fifty in poker, so I called it a wash and went home.
wash: define #2
To beat someone up or win a fight over another
He washed the guy last night
wash: define #3
A failure, a complate waste of time.
I just got back from Walwart, what a wash!
wash: define #4
To burn a copy of your own dvd to remove the piracy warnings and trailers.
I’m gonna wash my dvds, so they start straight away.
wash: define #5
giving someone untrue compliments in order to gain something from them or just for the sake of deceit
boy – “you are the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen you’re so perfect”

girl – “Stop washing me please , I know you just need my help with the dishes”
wash: define #6
Another word for a Wasteman or waste.

someone that is not cool

word also found in Gigs freestyle “My mandem are hot, but ur mandem are wash”

My mandem are hot, ur mandem are wash

you linked nathan b? es wash u kno

wash: define #7
Wash means when someone beat the shot out of someone & knocks them off their feet.
He just got washed by RJ and got Knock out.