Best definition
a place where weather always sucks, where to be popular you have to have either a crappy truck or a

nice car, where the only things to do are go to the movies, go swimming, or go mudding. a place where tourists are terrists and old people come to die.

old man “hay lets go to warrenton and stay at fort stevens honey”

old woman “ok sounds fun! lets bring the BIG RV”

locals “jesus, these goddman tourists always go through the HISTORICAL area instead of the campground. i wish they would fall off the column.”

Warrenton: define #2
Warrenton is a small town where old people go to die. And there is nothing for kids to do so everyone just smokes weed. we like to meet at the mart. you can go to the mini mart at any hour and see someone that you know. We also like to go to the fred meyers we mostly just sit on the couches there and everyone steals food from there. and the last place wee hang out is called the gook slab or just the slab. warrenton is often refered to as dubb-town mostly because we are all so poor we can only afford a dub at a time. We have quality ass weed here and no one really chumps either its a nice place:D And we hate the shit out of knappa.
“hey man you want to go buy a bag?”

“sure dude but I only have ten dollars.”

“no worries i have ten to.”



“I love warrenton.”