Warren Hills

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Warren Hills
It’s a high school. Legit. The teachers and students are higher than the grades. The girls legs spread faster than

the doors open at 2:18 at the end of the day. The guys treat the girls like a piece of meat, even if they aren’t. A bunch of wanna be hick kids think they’re cool for getting suspended for White Power Wednesday when half of them have fucked black girls. The sports aren’t half bad, but softball and field hockey is our main shit. Leave it to us to win 4 games out of our regular season and make it to states on luck. But, overall, the administration’s a joke. The principal is a Ginger and gets red highlights in her hair. She dresses up as a witch for Halloween, but is told it’s not casually Friday. Welcome to Whiten Hills! Oops.. I meant Warren Hills!

“See those kids in their clean af work boots?”

“Yeah why?”

“They’re from Warren Hills.”
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Warren Hills
Warren Hills is the lovely place were sluts and drug addicts reside. The school is divided into three groups. drugs addicts, sluts, and faggots who everyone hates. The teachers seem as if they got there teaching degrees at walmart. The old stadium is older then your grandparents grandparents. We are to poor to afford anything. The whole school is a complete joke
Bro have you ever been to Warren Hills? That place is such a joke.