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a name that is often used to name cute little brown girls.the word “ish” is often use for rap music, radio was deprivedfrom a desi word “war-ISH-a”.
damn girl you’re so warisha, take me out to eat sometimes
warisha: define #2
“Warisha” is commonly referred as a unique name, for females. People with the name of “Warisha” are found as kind-hearted, bold, and generous. They are often found sensitive (at-times), although dauntless, and feisty. They are, down-to-earth, and very truthful and open. They also take things quite personally, but they keep the pain inside and put an apathetic face on. Warisha’s can be unbelievably beautiful humans, inside and out. They show empathy to others around them feeling depressed or unwanted.
Warisha is so fierce, oh my!