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One with large breast but is shy to display to others.
Boys in a car: Tits out for the boys!

Girl: Get fucked.

Boys in a car: Don’t be such a wares!
wares: define #2
Small mythical creature usually found around 103rd street. This creature is afraid of boats and water. Its primary diet consists of cakes, pies and ice-cream.
You will never find a ware on this ship.
wares: define #3
Ever go into a stare and kind of think about what your staring at well i do and i call it a Ware

Wonder Stare = Ware

Hey Lewis you see family guy last night?

Lewis damn you interupted my ware

Bob- Was trying to speak to lewis about lasnt nights family guy but he was having a ware

Grant- nothing like a good ware

wares: define #4
A town in Hertfordshire, England. It has a great history (including the fact its one of the oldest permanently inhabited settlements in Europe, it’s home to the Great Bed of Ware and it was once the overnight stop between London and Cambridge) but unfortunately these days there is absolutely noting to do if you’re over 8 and under 65.
Guy 1: Let’s go to Ware tomorrow.

Guy 2: Where’s Ware, hahahahahah…

Guy 1: No. Just no.

Guy 3: What, to visit Londis, or maybe even Costcutters if we really want to splash out…

Guy 1: Goid point…
wares: define #5
Ware is a small town located in Western Massachusetts, not too far from Springfield. It’s a pointless and stupid place to live with a bunch of senior citizens that are always protesting money being spent on new schools.
Person 1: Heyyy, you live in Ware?

Person 2: Yeah it really sucks.
wares: define #6
A name or word used by metal fans and metal bands to describe their type of music and their popularity that their music used to have.
omg its not fair! The fucking new genre of rock took over our gare! lets call this new genre nu-metal because its sucky and nu and it sounds just like our old genre called metal! They stole it from us! We will never forgive them!