Best definition
A rose, a beautiful talented lady who do art, hate cats, love coffee,good books, good music. Pretty girl with pretty heart and always go with vintage vibe surround her
wardina is so beautiful shes captured everyones heart
wardina: define #2
wardina is currently a girl with her curly hair its look very mess but it can be a sort of fashion. wardina loves drawing,remembering the lyrics of songs,cycling,and playing games in her handphone *MEH .but she is also a girl with a pair of those big eyes and a very tall and thic eyelashes. people always feel jelous of her. she is a girl with a very big spirit as if she meet a bad guy she will kill him. have a lot of friends since she is a friendly girl.
L: is she wardina?

D:yess she is!

L:lets get closer and be a friend of hers
wardina: define #3
Wardina is a hardworking girl . She loves cat and music . She has a good sense of humour and she is super humble. She like to help people who’s in need . She is easygoing person . SHEE IZZ COOL .
What a wardina !

Woww im so wardina