war protester

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war protester
someone who protests during the day and represents themselves as a “majority”, while the real “majority” are working to pay for the protesters dole checks.
“Man, I wish I had alot of spare time on my hands to stand around holding a sign like those war protesters, oh well, I have to work.”
war protester: define #2
War Protester
(1)Someone who opposes war, as in an the action of two or more militaries attempting to kill one another. (2)Often seen as a “hippy” or as “against the government. (3)A person who often feels they support their troops by not wanting them to be killed. (4)Often a college student, ie someone attempting to learn more about the world. (5)Of varying types ranging from radical to conservative. (6)Someone who is confused by the desire of humans to kill one another.
The war protester stood outside the U.S. embassy asking the US to not kill his family.
war protester: define #3
war protester
people who have nothing better to do than blame other people, and annoy the shit out of everyone else. people who instantly think that the ‘government’ must be to blame so they arrogantly annoy people, waste time, resources and money to bitch about something that they will have no effect on.
“those fucking war protesters are blocking the street again”
war protester: define #4
war protestercollege
rich white college kids who have been brainwashed by their hippie college professors into believing in communism/socialism or get this “anarchy”….
yeah i go to college to learn how to become an “anarchist” and then we all meet and vote on how to have the most effective protest

see word ignorance

war protester: define #5
war protester
Someone who is against war when a Republican president is in office!

Otherwise they don’t make a peep.

see the word hypocrite
war protester: define #6
war protester
a pussy white person who protest war
fuck those protesters, they should go to hell.
war protester: define #7
war protester
One who believes that the purpose of a Republic is to question every word the government says. Also, they tend to believe that we killed millions of Iraqis even though we killed less then 100,000. They say this is wrong even though that number x10 would have been killed within the next 7 years by Saddam if he would have been left in power.
Wow, that highly intelligent war protestor decided to block traffic during rush hour instead of writing a letter or getting a petition together to send to his/her congressman!