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War on Poverty
Satirical government programs to help the needy. A joke built upon absurd ideas to reduce poverty. Based on Johnathan Swift’s

“A Modest Proposal.” This can also encompass with ways to win the “War on Drugs” and combat illegal immigration.

As part of the “War on Poverty” the President has deployed Fighters to bomb the projects.

The leader of the movement at this movement is French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Who has pioneered great ways to defeat racaille in the banlieue.

Half of Americans below the poverty line must be eliminated, the remaining half shall inherit the possessions of the half eliminated and thereby be lifted out of poverty as their assets double.

The homeless will be loaded onto trucks after being enticed by promises of food and housing. They will then be transported to Mexico or Canada (whichever is closer) and left there.

America will conduct an exchange of 1,000,000 lazy welfare bums for 1,000,000 enterprising foreignors.

America’s poor will be shipped off to another country (Nicaragua, Chad…) where they will be wealthy in comparison to the average citizen.