Best definition
To be all over something, beat up badly.

We wapped them last nite in the game.
Wapp: define #2
Origin: A popular term relating to the use of the IPhone and Blackberry instant messaging application Whatsapp.

Verb: To instant messgae a friend using Whatsapp. Wapp them.

Derivitives: Wapped, Wapping.

Bing: “Wapping is the new talking!”

GMix: “I’ll wapp Paul to see what the plan is”

Daveo “I wapped Baz but he didn’t reply he must be pumping iron”

Wapp: define #3
Word used to describe Wappingers Falls, NY by those who braved the tough streets of Wapps
Johnny: Yo man, where you from?

Mike: Wapps, dog, you?

Johnny: I’m from da tough streets o’ Po-town, bro!

Mike: Righteous *peace sign*