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wannabe thug
Usually someone young who thinks they’re “hard” or wants to be “hard”, but really isn’t. A follower or a pawn

by nature. They will do anything to fit in. Originally found in Sandusky, Ohio, but now found in a town near you.SEE Dirty Dusky, Dirty Duskian, Sandoucheski.

The wannabe thugs in this town, are ruining everything that was nice about


wannabe thug: define #2
wannabe thugs
White people who think they’re hard but actually live in a suburban area and they skimp weed for $30/g
(White girl)Kinsey: I’m too hard yo, these Feds can’t hold me back yo.

Normal Person: Sit the fuck down you wannabe thugs.

wannabe thug: define #3
wannabe thug
A dumbass, stupid ass nigga that constantly acknowledges that he is apart of some crip/blood gang.
Wannabe thug – Some dumb canadian ass niggas