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wanna be emos
Wanna be emos or wemos
someone who has greasy black hair with massive roots.
listens to my chemical romance the black parade

and has’nt heard of the other two albums, but claims to be “there biggest fan”
totally bums up to panic! at the disco
wears black and someother colour preferably pink or red fingerless gloves
loves skulls and crossbones, and has a pair of fake converse with them on form new look
is a rowfers fanatic and bums up to them
likes to pretend there bi-sexual but has never made out with a girl in there life.
basically a ‘wemo’ is a like a greebo but not as much trench coats.

msn convo:

IheartGerardWay says: hey, guess what?

EmoPrincess666 says: hey whats up?

IheartGerardWay says: im bi sexual

EmoPrincess666 says: oh, cool beans <3

IheartGerardWay says: im bored im going cut myself to pass the time.

EmoPrincess666 says: good idea can i come round your house then we can cut together and talk about how emo fall out boy are.

IheartGerardWay says: sure, but don’t get bloond on my carpet

EmoPrincess666 says: lol,i wont, it’s not as if im trying commit suicide ¬.¬

IheartGerardWay says: lol ok c you in a bitch

wanna be emos

wanna be emos: define #2
wannabe emo
the dickheads who give real emos a bad name by either forcing themselves to listen to to emo bands they don’t even like or listening to crap bands they THINK are emo. Also fake depression+ have bad hair.

Wannabe emo boys look all pathetic and have gelled-down-to-look-longer hair. Wannabe emo girls are usually really fat, will wear heartagram or Emily The Strange shit and have REALLY, REALLY long black or brown hair.

Wannabe emo kids wear: crap jeans, button-down tops which look more like school shirts than anything, crappy band tees, Heartagram tees, fake Converse, plain black shoes/trainers, plain black glasses, Emily The Strange, etc.

Alot of them also say they’re bi/gay when they’re NOT.

Wemo hobbies: writing ‘sad’ poetry, listening to ‘depressing’ music, self-harming, sitting in corners, crying, writing ‘sad’ diary entries (eg: Dear diary, today was a very regular, boring day, but because I fake depression, I’m going to say it was terrible and everything went wrong. Gotta go and self harm, bye, you’re the only one who understands<3)

Wannabe emo must-haves: Emily The Strange tee, crap hair, plain black shoes/trainers, razorblades, fake blood, horn-rimmed glasses, black/grey straight-leg jeans, shitty band tees and anti-depressants. Oh yes, and the diary to write poetry and ‘depressing’ entries in.
Mum/Dad: Hey, kid, how was school today?

wanna be emos: define #3

basically someone that wants to be emo. okay…fair enough if you are actually depressed…but thinking depression is coool. well thats jsut low. one hell of a work of art. but stil not a nice peice ..perhaps..what the fuck am i on about…pah
wannabeemo—ooo watch as *accidently* slip my sleeve up to unveil an “emo” slit.
wanna be emos: define #4
If they say their emo and tell eveyone that there “emo”, And slit their wrists and show everyone, listen to p!ATD or Fall out boy, If they have nothing to be upset about but still claim them selves as emo(Label are stupid) Write stupid poetry about problems they don’t have
Wannabeemo- *sigh* I feel so alone *slit slit*

Emo- Why…

Wannabe-Well I feel alone I am listening to green day I am so emo

Emo-wtf?Alone?green day is not emo….

Wannabeemo-Yes it is!!

emo-No it isn’t why do you feel alone?

Wannabeemo-No one understands me

emo- How can no one understand you you live in a nice house with two parents? you don’t go though have the stuff that some people do so just stop being a wannabe and shut up for once…..


Emo-*rolls eyes*
wanna be emos: define #5
Wannabe Emo
Preppy sluts attempting to be “scene.”
Holy shits liek did u c the new fall out boiz video on trl/?? pete wentz was so fien, im liek such a wannabe emo, brb eye gotta go crie
wanna be emos: define #6
wannabe emo
a wannabe emo is most definntly someone who cuts themselves and says “i bleed for you but my world is black”. wanna be emos listen to the used, green day, my chemical romance, from first to last, and hawthorne heights and think they can get away with it. they will walk around in their new emily the strange shirt and go “i wish i had more friends”. wanna be emo girls usually have long brown or black hair and they are hippos or they are very ugly. they think wearing heartogram clothing is emo. cutting yourself is not emo and nor is sitting in the corner and crying over nothing, your lifes probably better than a celbrity. they will usually get all their hair chopped of and wear pretty little bows in them. wanna be emo boys, well i never met one of them. the nightmare before christmas isnt emo nor those freakily cartoons. most of them get thier inspiration from adam and andrews “Emo kid” song. none of that is emo. if you smear your eyeliner and take 798549875978 pictures of it and show your cutmarks your a poser. they usualyy have screen names like “wItHiN i BlEeD a PuDdLE Of ReD” or “HiDdEn CriEs WiThIn”. i could say more but i think i layed down the law 🙂
BlEeDmYsOuL12:my life sucks so bad my mom wouldnt let me buy mcrs new cd so i cut myself.

Amnesitynclarity: oh, your such a wannabe emo

BlEeDmYsOuL12: no im not your jealous, im going to cut my arms and watch the blood come down. then im going to cry within and never let out my fellings god why dosent anyone like me

wanna be emos: define #7
wanna be emo
A person who in them selfs believes they are emo but are really just a wanna be emo, alot like beng.
Oh golly, Beng is such a stupid wanna be emo, Silly silly person