Best definition
When the end of your shirt sleeves flare out as if you have fat wrists. It is like cankles of

the wrist.

“Dude look at that girl’s wankles, they’re HUGE!”
Wankles: define #2
1) the jacking of a very small penis. To wank a winkle is to perform a wankle

2) The young son of a wanker or chavs who is already displaying wanker like tendencies, ie; swearing at you in the street, calling you “guv” and swigging endless cans of cheap liquid bought in bulk at the local Spar
1) “Mum, Sam’s locked himself in the bathroom again!”

“Ah, leave him at it love, he’s just having a wankle”

~”His dick was so tiny, I realised I was actually giving him a wankle”

2) “You know that twat down the road? Well, his lad dropped a crushed can of ‘Kola’ in my garden and then told me to “Chill the fuck out, Guv” when I told him to pick it up!”

“Jesus, what a wankle”

Wankles: define #3
a penis that belongs to a pimp
all the hoes love arsh’s wankle
Wankles: define #4
n. Any part of the human anatomy that is particularly fine, or erotic.


Hey now. Look at the wankle on that.

You are quite sexist. You know that, right?

Wankles: define #5
After wearing socks in the sun, there is a tan line across were the sock hs been covering, that is known as a Wankle. – A white ankle –
‘I went australia and came back with Wankles’
Wankles: define #6
The word wankle is a derivative of the word ‘wank’.

1) It can sometimes simply be used to mean wank (masturbate)

2) However, wankle can also imply that the wank is a smaller or faster affair than usual – this can be due to size of the genetalia (particularly if a penis is involved), or the length of time that the wank lasts (regardless of the genetalia involved)

1) Sarah: *knocks on bathroom door* ‘oy, Sam, can I come in and clean my teeth, or are you having a wankle in there?’

2) I’ve spent all day checking out cheap porn on the Internet, I’m off for a wankle before the kettle boils

Wankles: define #7
This is for someone who has really weak ankles. this can also be used as a nick name for someone who has wankles.
look there goes wankles.

why do you call him wankles?

because he has weak ankles. DUH!