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Wankee Swap
When a group of male friends walk into a bathroom together, one may call out in their loudest voice, “Wankee

Swap!” Then, as the friends are lined up next to each other at the urinals, a member of the group can call out, “Time!” Each man then stops flow, and steps one urinal to the right (in some situations, the man on the far right may have no urinal to hop to, and instead must cut flow and run to the left hand side of the pee-line). The name “Wankee Swap” and the practice of calling it out are a reference to the episode of The Office where Michael decides the Christmas party will play “Yankee Swap!”

Friend 1- “Oh God, I’m so glad we’re finally at the bathroom. I have to piss like a mother.”

Friend 2- “Guess what: WANKEE SWAP!”

Friend 1- “Oh Christ. Well played. Let’s do this thing. Time!”

Friend 2- “Shit. I can’t stop my flow.”

Friend 1- “Move it bitch or I will piss on your leg.”

Friend 2- That is certainly your perogative since we are playing Wankee Swap.