Best definition
Commonly used as a derogatory term for a chav
Ah, look at that utter wankbag over there!
wankbag: define #2
a cocksmoker
george bush is a wankbag
wankbag: define #3
a bag of the residue left over after masterbation.

cum in a bag.

a nasty person by association with a nasty,unpleasant thing.

a type of insult.
that guy just robbed my wallet,

what a wank-bag!!!
wankbag: define #4
A bag of wank, someone who is useful for nothing else but to collect the sex wee of dirty men.
Literal: “Wow Paris Hilton’s a real wankbag in that sex tape”

Everyday: “You know that dude Dan? He totally stole my slushee the other day. What a wankbag.”

wankbag: define #5
another word for female genitalia
hey Betsy, I’m going gunna finger your ass then stick it in your wankbag
wankbag: define #6
wank bag
a bag of wank
a big bag of wank or she had his wank bag
wankbag: define #7
A pretentious prick who loves to talk about black and white movies, different coffees, wines from around the world etc. In other words a douche who talks wank. A self indulgent prick, who loves the sound of their own voice.
John: “listen to that prick at the end of the bar talking about how postmodern Damien Hirst is.”

Joe: “Yeah, what a wankbag.