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wang train
Usually consists of 2 girls and three guys; one gay, one bi, and one straight. The gay guy is the

conducter while the first girl is wearing a strap-on doing him. Then the second guy is giving it to the first girl while the second girl is wearing a strap-on doing him. Finally the straight guy is railing the Second chick to complete the train. ALL ANAL!

Dude last night we found two girls on craigslist who would wang train for $450.
wang train: define #2
When you have two girls and 3 guys(one gay, one bi, and one straight.) The first guy takes it in the ass from the girl who has a strap-on while the girl is being done by the bisexual guy. The second girl is doing the bisexual guy while the straight guy does the second girl in the ass. It’s all anal of course.
We called an escort service and asked if they had a couple girls to do the wang-train, they hung up immediately!
wang train: define #3
Refers to current descendants of the Wang Ji House from the Zhou Dynasty. The Wangs were noted horsemen who were notorious for riding through warring provinces to fuck shit up, just pounding their way to victory. In their celebrations that followed, the Wangs would host parties full of booze, dancing, and debauchery that everyone was guaranteed to wake up fucked up and hungover the following afternoon.

Time has eroded many of the war-mongering traits in the modern day descendants. However, if given enough alcohol, these Wangs would turn on their Asian glow, get on the dancefloor, and ensure a party is always properly raging.

Man, look at Wangtrain tear that shit up!

*Asian guy turns red*

White Dude: So you gonna get this party started or what?

Asian Dude: Fuck Yeah! I am! *Gets girls on the d-floor*

Girl 1, 2, 3, 4: WANGTRAIN!!!!