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Originally coined from a Carol Burnett Show skit circa 1967, in which she played a Transylvanian gypsy with speech issues. One of her sons was a Vervolf, the other was a Wampire.

Hallaba: You’re going to be bitten by a verevolf.

Mrs. Cunningham: A verevolf?

{ Screams }

Hallaba: Yes. Bevare the volfman will bite you tonight. Oy, are you gonna get it.

Mrs. Cunningham: Oh, no! Is a verevolf bite painful?

Hallaba: It’s about the same as the bite from a wampire.

wampire: define #2
A wannabe Vampire.
Edward Cullen is a WAMPIRE.

(No vampire sparkles, bitch)

Person 1: OMG DUDE, I got new fangs from HotTopic.com

Person 2: You fucking wampire..

wampire: define #3
An extremely attractive individual with creative and interesting style. Especially goth, punk, or Japanese.
Hey, do you want to go wampire hunting?
wampire: define #4
A hybrid mix between a witch and a vampire.
dude, that chick is crazy, I heard shes a vampire,

nahh, shes into wicca and stuff, shes prolly a wampire.

wampire: define #5
A mythical creature related to vampires in name only, wampires are born of tragedy and cry tears of blood as they prepare to feed on human flesh. Some can take on human form and a select few can turn into other earthly creatures as well, their favorite form being that of the spider.
Abby: That spider looks weird. Are those drops of blood on its face?

Jim: That’s no spider; that’s a wampire. Run!

wampire: define #6
A cross between an Umpire and a Vampire. They pose little threat to the human race as their only power is calling a baseball game down the middle and they are only able to come out at night.
-Holy shit! Is that a Vampire?

–No dude! I think it’s an umpire!

—You guys are dumbasses. It’s nothing but a harmless wampire.