Best definition
A kickass beast who lives on Hoth and eats anything it damn well pleases. Wampas can only be killed

by Jedi and Boba Fett.

A pack of wampas rampaged Coruscant and murdered everyone in sight…everyone.
wampa: define #2
Wampa – V

– A man that is one with the ladies.

– One who posses’s extreme abilities in the “sack”
Like this man here with his chick magnet net handle

Wampa One

– Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back
wampa: define #3
when you’re having sex with a woman and, as she’s about to climax, you take a handful of snow and shove it in her vagina
I saved snow since winter to wampa this bitch and now she wants me arrested for sexual assault sex kinky
wampa: define #4
Eh a polar bear would eat a whole pack of wampas for breakfast.
Wampas are pretty naff!