Best definition
Invincible fighters of extreme bravery. They are hated so that thier true power is never discovered by the so called elite. Congregating in small unknown guilds the mighty wammo hones his skills and awaits the coming of the wammo king..Prince Rurik.
GW N00bz0r: D00d this wamm jest soloed JESUS!! OMFG [email protected]!!!

GW Undercover wammo: So the prophecy is complete…*dramatic music*
wammo: define #2
Wammo derives from the words “Warrior-Monk”, wammos having high armour and the powers to heal themselves creates to image of invincability, aggro-ing everything and thus killing there party/group.

Origionally form Guildwars the Wammo has immigrated its style to various other games.

The Wammo is the very definition of “Leeerrroooy Jeeennnnkiinns!”

Wammo-man, wamm0-man, does whatever a wammo can.

Runs on in,Agros all.

Runs back out,kills us all.

Da DAh!

The Amazing Wammo man
wammo: define #3
Syllabic abbreviation for the primary Warrior, secondary Monk character class (W/Mo) in Guild Wars.
Heard between Monks:

“A team of 7 wammos just invited me to come and heal them. They’re trying for the Underworld. They say we’ll be invincible.”

“I won’t wish you luck. The Titanic didn’t need any luck either.”

wammo: define #4
Wanking Ammo – Material (usually visual) to shake hot white love coconuts from the blue veined palm tree.
That Jessica Alba gives me some serious wammo, specially when she’s got her bapsout.
wammo: define #5
In most cases, Wammo, is used as a term like “owned.” Both used in similar situations.
For example.

Somebody draws a penis with chalk on somebodys backpack.

You would say. . .

“Wammo.” Or, “Wammo-ed.”