Best definition
A true romantic.Loving, faithful and kindhearted but sexy as hell when he want’s to be ! A devoted friend to

the end and a very devoted lover also. Sometimes quiet, sometimes the life of the party. He can be soo funny but sometimes it’s to hide his pain.
Very sentimental and if he cares about you then he will do anything for you, maybe even give his life for you. He can be a quiet person at times but don’t “F” with those who he loves!
Sometimes talks about his feelings and has to suffer the consequences. At times transparent, at times can’t figure him out but always honest and never cheats on the one that he loves.When he makes up his mind about something, he is in it for good.

Walter is soooo cute and he is such a sweetheart! I am going to ask him out! He is everything that I need all wrapped up into one man.
Walter: define #2
Someone who has a very large penis.
OMG , that guy looks like he’s. . . WALTER!
Walter: define #3
The baddest, bad ass you will ever meet. Loves guns and shoots often. Likes anything that goes fast. A loyal friend, protects his loved ones with his life.
Walter is such a bad ass girls cant keep there hands off him.
Walter: define #4
Hot cute guy with all kinds of women on his side or plays football
Dude im such a Walters
Walter: define #5
Army General

Origin: German

Someone that goes overboard when it comes to revenge.

Extremely calm in the heat of battle.

Walter is Extremely clam in the heat of battle.
Walter: define #6
A very charming dude, nice, funny, smart, and would give his life for the one he loves. A dude, only Adriana should date. sexy as hell when he wants to be also.
Walter is the best dude ever!!!!
Walter: define #7
A Walter is a ruler of an army or a weightlifter. Through the german word ‘wald’ meaning rule and ‘heri’ meaning army.
I hear walter deadlifts trucks for a living.

We need a Walter.

I dream of one day being a walter.