Best definition
1. the act of getting someone extremely wet by any means
2. physical sexual molestation, usually includes rectal penetration
I came home unusually early today and got walshed with splooge as I walked in on George beating off.

Boyscout #1; “I woke up in my tent this morning and my ass was covered in vaseline and the hole hurt like hell.”

Boyscout #2: “Dude, You got Walshed!”

walshed: define #2
When the ends comes to fruition be questionable means.
Yeah Ben got me change for the bus, but what was he doing in the mens room with those guys? I got Walshed.
walshed: define #3
To get unexpectedly pissed
Jack why are you walsh’ed , you pissed bloke
walshed: define #4
A guy putting fingers in any hole of a girl but the guy ends up with blue balls
“He walshed my butthole”
walshed: define #5
Verb: To Walsh

To completely fail at what you’ve been training for all of your life. Particularly 3 field goals in a row, at home….

“Walsh has missed 2 field goals already, lets see about the 3rd being a charm…. And nope, he walshed it for his 3rd missed field goal, what a waste of a kicker. I bet Seattle wishes they still had Hauschka .”
walshed: define #6
To quit, to leave or to ditch.
The perportraitor of this hanious crime usually had an abnormally large nose.

“Damn jake really walshed that practice. What a pussy!”

walshed: define #7
To miss a Field Goal wide left or wide right
Buffalo could have won the Super Bowl, but their kicker Walshed the field goal.