Walmart Feet

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Walmart Feet
The type of feet that have a permanent residue on them as if they have been walking through Walmart without

shoes on.

Friend 1: “Becky Sue lets her kids run through Walmart without any shoes on!”

Friend 2: “I bet they have Walmart Feet.”

Walmart Feet: define #2
Wal-Mart feet
A person whose feet are brown and gritty, presumably from walking barefoot. The name honors the ill-behaved, shoeless, and generally diapered hoodrat offspring running around every Wal-Mart on the globe.
Damn girl! For lookin’ so fine you got some nasty ass Wal-Mart feet!
Walmart Feet: define #3
wal-mart feet
a person who is wearing flip-flops with really dirty feet
Dude that chick has some major wal-mart feet
Walmart Feet: define #4
Wal-Mart feet
A person’s feet that have been chemically burned and scared by the straps of a pair of flip-flops from Wal-Mart, therefore forever branding their feet with a large capital “W” when you put both feet together. The burn is in the exact placement and shape where the straps of the flip-flop were.
After wearing a pair of cheap flip-flops from Wal-mart I got Wal-Mart feet.

Did you buy a pair of flip-flops from Wal-Mart? Because you look like you have Wal-Mart feet.

Walmart Feet: define #5
Walmart Feet
The gross after effect of playing drums without wearing socks or shoes.
After the concert the drummer stood up and felt the blisters on his Walmart Feet.