Wallet Rapist

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Wallet Rapist
(wol-it rey pɪst)
A Financial Dominatrix who accepts money from a money slave.
MissTriss an exotic Mulatto Dominatrix from Michigan formerly known

as “Greedy Mistress Kim” aka “Hybrid Bunny”, coined the terms “wallet rape” and wallet rapist in the 1990s to distinguish Herself from Her caucasian FinDomme Sisters who were politely asking for gifts.”Although it was roleplay, the submissive and I enjoyed the sense of Me taking the money from them while they pretended to be reluctant. It gave them a sense of weakness that they could relish in for however long the scene lasted.”
MissTriss is a lifestyle Dominant who now offers fetish training for Dominants and submissives in the art of Financial Domination .

MissTriss is a beautiful wallet rapist who WILL take your lunch money and leave you penniless.

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Wallet Rapist: define #2
Wallet Rapist
Any woman who’s goal is to liberate the contents of a man’s wallet. I.E a gold digger/whore. The most effective way to rape a mans wallet is to marry him and then divorce him.
“Did you hear? Billy Beta and Jenny are getting divorced. She’s getting most of his money.”

“Yeah, I heard. She already did it to Dave, remember? She’s a wallet rapist.”