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wall rape
To completely and utterly dominate a Facebook wall with numerous posts. Can apply to Myspace, etc. but usually applies to

Facebook “walls”.

“Why did that girl wall rape you so badly?”

“She’s kind of obsessed…”
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Wall Rape
Liking every single post, status, and comment on one persons facebook wall, sometimes done by multiple people at a time. The idea is to give the person hundreds of notifications.
Jeff: We should totally wall rape John tonight!

James: I’m so in!
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Wall Rape
The act of going to someones facebook wall and going thru all their posts, pictures, friends, and any other thing you can find on their wall.

Typically done alone, but also can be performed with a group of people.
At your house, on facebook>

(Jealous because your ex-girlfriend is already with someone else.)

You: Oh, lets see what she has been up to…( goes to her wall )

*Rapes her wall*

Next Day:

Person A: Hey, did you see your ex-girlfriend is with that new kid?

You: Yeah, i Wall Raped her yesterday..

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Wall Rapename
when on facebook you leave over 20 video comments on someones wall
1.Yo Maddy and Erica wall raped Zach with 23 videos!
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wall rape
The act of scraping your vehicle against a wall, guardrail, or some other type of barrier, usually in a racing game. Often results in severe speed reduction as well as severe damage in games where vehicles can experience damage.
Those n00bs on Daytona USA always wall-rape the third corner of the Beginner track.
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Wall Rape
1. certainly posting lots of shit on facebook.

2. Also in Call of Duty when one decides to show off a bit by shooting through a wall or several walls with eg. a 50 calibre to kill a player on the receiving end.

Also very useful for cover, surprise and…montages.

Maybe seen as a noob thing, I don’t know.

3. Illegal in most if not all countries involving a wall.

1. wall is covered in videos. What an A-R-S-E-H-O-L-E who the hell is he/she?


2. Wtf?


Shiiit I just got wall raped

*Ten year old kid screams and says a highly creative combination of words praising player for kill*

3. Need I say more?

wall rape: define #7
When a Facebook friend trolls a post you make, and somehow diverts all subsequent posters on your post from your original topic, thereby more or less nullifying the original post, or at least calling attention away from your post.
A: I got wall-raped today!

B: What happened?

A: I posted about the promotion I got at work today and that wall-rapist Facebook friend of mine caused the post to divulge into penis jokes.