walking straight

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walking straight
This is a reference to trying to walk straight (walk a line) and pass a field sobriety test, while drunk or intoxicated, in front of a Law Enforcement Officer.
A man passes a field sobriety test while drunk by walking in a straight line. By walking straight, he is released and free to go, even though he broke the law. He fooled the cop and does not have to go to jail.
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Walking Straight
A positive life path that is followed to success by good people.
Mike: Hey what ever happened to Jim?

John: He went to Harvard, he’s Walking Straight in life.
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Walking Straight
Passing a sobriety test on the side of the road. Also used to describe a gay bashing festivity.
I had 12 beers last night and I was still walking straight when the cops pulled me over.

Man I had fun walkings straight last night. Those fags never knew what hit them.