walking like an angler

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walking like an angler
When you’re so high that you start walking about like a retard, as if you’re limping or can’t walk properly. Many people experience this after several bowls of real good weed. Before walking like an angler, your legs feel tingly and twitch as well. Once the high settles in, and you’re fucked out of your mind… you’re walking like an angler
Boy 1: OMG. I am so high, I’m starting to walk like an angler! This is so fucked I cant even walk correctly.

Boy 2: Dude It’s like I’ve been shot in the legs. I feel and probably look like a complete retard right now

Boy 1: Wanna smoke more?

Boy 2: Definitely.

Boy 3: I’m walking like an angler too! Does anyone feel as if you’re really fat and need a walker to help you walk?

Boy 2: Dude, you’re messed up.