walking hardon

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walking hardon
A term to describe a male who always wants or thinks about sex. This term describes 99% of the male species.
That brother is a walking hardon.
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Walking Hard-On
Having an erect penis when standing up and/or walking/running. The results are usually highly visible and embarrassing. (See pitch a tent.)
Our secretary is so f*cking hot that she gives me wood all the time. She caught me with a walking hard-on the other day. I was so embarrassed.
walking hardon: define #3
Walking hard-on
‘A lesbian who is attracted to nearly every woman. If she had a dick, it would constantly be erect’
B: that girl is so hot

W: you said that about the bitch at Jamba Juice

B: so! She was hot too!

W: you’re a walking hard-on