walking encyclopedia

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walking encyclopedia
Someone who has a vast array of knowledge on many subjects, topics, concepts and sciences. ‘a walking encyclopedia’ although a walking encyclopedia mustn’t know everything, they are still very capable of forming understandings on things they have heard relating to said subjects that people are inquired about.
noob: Hey Archie, have you heard about that that Indian god who experienced and described nuclear explosions?

Archie:I think you are talking about Vishnu who in mythology obtained nuclear weapons and used them on different cultures, at the time there was said to be great mushroom like clouds and evidence today that such radiation has happened in the past with nuclear elements, it’s unlikely that this happened though, i think with the mythological wars however it’s an interesting topic that could be discussed further, if you are interested you may like the mythology of Astra they are different types of supernatural weapons which some anthropologists suggest are just descriptions for different types of modern weaponry, and that begs teh question are they modern? were there aliens involved? and then you must ask yourself, why does it need to be aliens? why not time-travel or in another case humans who live among us who we consider “alien” because we have no understanding of them. 🙂

noob:Woah Archie, you’re a “walking encyclopedia” thanks man, so tell me more about these humans who live amoung us?

Archie: Ahaha, i’m just from the internet *blushes* ^,..,^