Best definition
Taking your dog for a walk (British).
“Gromit, it looks like a grand day for walkies!”

“They’re techno-trousers, ex-NASA, fantastic for walkies!”

walkies: define #2
Consuming beer while walking to the bar, walking home from a party, or walking towards the stadium entrance.
We heading in for kickoff soon?” “Yeah, let’s finish these, then grab walkies for the trip.
walkies: define #3
A euphemistic way to express foolish misplacing or generally negligent losing a possession and is used to give the impression the article in question will indeed turn up again where it was left.
Person A: Give us your number and I’ll bell you later ’bout where we’re meetin’ for the booze up

Person B: Cannot mate, phone’s gone walkies un’ don’t know my number off the top of me head

walkies: define #4
When a person or, often a small group of people go for a walk in a densley populated area. People go on walkies usually when bored. Once on walkies, the group of people often simply wlak around and do stupid things including inappropriately socialising with strangers, tormenting shops and business’ and defacing public property.
OH EM GEE, lunch time has gotten to be so boring since they ban us from using the oval. Let’s go walkies!
walkies: define #5
A club in London full of cool people who use cool slang like ‘blobbing’ and ‘deff’
Come on girls, lets g to walkiess!
walkies: define #6
Too walk away from a bitch
If she bein a thotty you gotta walky
walkies: define #7
Acting different than you usually do and in a way nobody likes .
You acting walky