walkie talkie

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walkie talkie
an electronic device that uses radio waves to send sound messages to other people, who also have a walkie talkie.
me and stuey use our walkie talkies to have walkie talkie sex during 1st period.
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Walkie Talkie
The act of giving or receiving a hand job while walking. Often received while trying to ignore the person giving.
Person 1: Dude I can’t believe we haven’t gotten there yet.

Person 2: Yeah I know man we been walking for hours

Person 3: * Sticks hand down person one’s pants *

Person 1: What the hell I don’t want a Walkie Talkie, were trying to get to Chipotle, chill.
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Walkie Talkie
Describes something that is awesome or is very cool.
Last night was so walkie talkie.
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A virus commonly know in white suburbia as: a “person” loser on the block who was stuffed in many lockers and has developed a psychotic complex that forces him to shout to the first sight of any busy neighbor for acknowledgment and if not received, WILL walk over.
The invisible fence must be broken over there, that walkie-talkie got loose again!
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Walkie Talkie
Classification of under age girls 8 to 18 years old. They always walk and talk; with each other, on the cell phone, to other girls directly while also talking to yet other girls on their cell phones… Whenever you see young ladies in the neighborhood walking and talking — to each other or on their cell — consider it FAIR WARNING! Leave them alone!
(driver to kid riding shotgun) “One word to those walkie talkies on the corner and I’ll break your fucking skull”!

“Let’s blow off this place! Nobody around but walkie talkies!”

Don’t screw around with these walkie talkies! Are you fucking nuts? 20 years, douche bag! 20 years without a whiff of pussy!

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walkie talkie
talkin’ 10-4 on a man’s ball bag.
…turns out Lil’ Kris loves to walkie talkie for hours. Can you dig?
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walkie talkie
When someone can most definitely talk the talk AND walk the walk.
Bill Bergerson, also known as “Porkchop,” his street name, is a very big boy who can talk alot of shit to people, but no one wants to fight him because he can rip you in half like wet bologna. He is a walkie talkie.