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a little town with about 1500 people who are basicly all related it’s baisically the new west virginia. where evryone is still excited about north carolina getting the lottery in their state so they can all go spend their hard earned money they made at the brand new wendy’s. great, now they cant afford mayballine make up from eckerds were every holiday you have to ask how many are coming cause they keep procreating. if you asked someone from walkertown how many cousins they had you’d be sitting on their couch for a week. everyone in walkertown still goes to the local roses to buy some half priced, off-brand clothes and jewelry. where if you wanted to go do some “real” shopping you would have to drive about 15 minutes to wal-mart or the newly built target in kernersville. where if you want to get a decent gift you have to wait in rush hour traffic because the whole towns out on the streets around 3 p.m. i think about the best looking buildings in walkertown are the library and the new “shopping” strip containing lows foods and el maguey; a surprisingly great mexican resturaunt where all of the guys that work their act like they have known you forever. their only working their because walkertown is so hick they accept anything even flirty wiaters. but the best thing about walkertown is that whatever your day was like you have at least 100 people to retell it to.
Billy: So were you going for winter break?

Jon: My aunts in walkertown.

Billy:How many people coming?

Jon: The Whole Town!